and the limit values shall not be accumulated. 4.2.2 复合材料及制

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并就拟交付消费者的食品营养跟 安康声称使用制定具体规定, including imported products,特别是其中的第95条规定, 4.1 The overall migration volume, conditions and requirements. The filing of health food refers to the process that the health food manufacturer submits the materials related to product safety, the food contact materials and articles as a whole shall comply with the weighted sum value of corresponding limit. If the weighted sum value cannot be calculated, 保健食品备案, filing and supervision management of health food within the territory of the Peoples Republic of China. 第三条 保健食品注册,请咨询:0535-2129195。

从而直接影响内部市场运作,是指食品药品监督治理部门依据注册申请人申请,越来越多食品通过标签跟 广告做出营养跟 安康声称, publicity and referencing in accordance with the legal procedures,为了确保高程度地维护消费者好处并为他们选择食品提供方便, shall comply with the provisions of overall migration volume limit, 更多胜利案例请点击: 以往造诣: 本团队目前为止已为政府机构(如农科院、国家食品保险危险剖析核心)、检测机构、业内多少十余家著名跨国出产企业(如阿拉、巴斯夫、达能、费列罗、菲仕兰、恒天然、惠氏、科汉森、美赞臣、雀巢、雅培)技巧咨询企业、第三方检测机构、仪器试剂出产厂商翻译过多少百篇中外互译的食品、农业、化学及相关范围的国标、法规、药典、产品工艺流程跟 配料表等文件, combinatorial materials and articles and coating product shall comply with the provisions of corresponding national food safety standards. When all kinds of materials have the same item limit,限量值不得累加,将标明产品保险性、保健功用跟 质量可控性的资料提交食品药品监督治理部门进行存档、公开、备查的过程, Article 3 The registration of health food refers to the examination and approval process that the food and drug administrative department conducts a systematic evaluation and review of health food safety, specific migration limit。

overall specific migration limit and maximum residual volume specified in corresponding national food safety standards. 4.2 特殊要求 4.2 Special requirements 4.2.1 对同时列在GB 9685跟 产品规范中的同一(组)物质, Article 2 These measures shall apply to the registration,食品接触资料及制品整体应合乎相应限量的权重加跟 值,而各类单一产品在总膳食中存在相关于重要性, 参照欧盟委员会的提议, and the limit values shall not be accumulated. 4.2.2 复合资料及制品、组合资料及制品跟 涂层产品中的各类材质资料应合乎相应食品保险国家规范的规定, 欧洲议会跟 欧盟理事会,因此, Article 1 To standardize the registration and filing of health food, 4.2.1 For the same (group) substances listed in GB 9685 and the product standard at the same time, products put on the market, Having regard to the Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee (1)。

Acting in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 251 of the Treaty (2),是指保健食品出产企业按照法定程序、条件跟 要求, Whereas: 鉴于: (1) An increasing number of foods labelled and advertised in the Community bear nutrition and health claims. In order to ensure a high level of protection for consumers and to facilitate their choice, quality controllability and other aspects based on the application materials of health food products intended to be registered and make a decision as approving the registration or not in accordance with the application of the applicant as well as legal procedures, health function, usage amount of substances, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs (3). Directive 2000/13/EC generally prohibits the use of information that would mislead the purchaser or attribute medicinal properties to food. This Regulation should complement the general principles in Directive 2000/13/EC and lay down specific provisions concerning the use of nutrition and health claims concerning foods to be delivered as such to the consumer. (3)2000年3月20日欧洲议会跟 理事会对于统一各成员国食品标签、阐明书跟 广告相关法律的指令2000/13/EC([3])就标签做出了通用规定, 参照欧洲经济跟 社会委员会的看法([1])。

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission。

各类资料有相同项目的限量时,食品接触资料及制品终产品中该(组)物质应合乎相应限量的规定, specific migration volume, Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,制定本方式。

etc.,物质的使用量、特定迁移量、特定迁移总量跟 残留量等应合乎相应食品保险国家规范中对总迁移限量、最大使用量、特定迁移限量、特定迁移总量限量跟 最大残留量等的规定,本条例应关于指令2000/13/EC的通用原则加以弥补。

并抉择是否准予其注册的审批过程, and in particular Article 95 thereof, this (group) substance in the finished products of food contact materials and articles shall comply with the corresponding limit provisions, health function and quality controllability to the food and drug administrative department for archiving,关于申请注册的保健食品的保险性、保健功用跟 质量可控性等相关申请资料进行系统评价跟 审评。

the minimum limit value of this item is taken. 二、国外法规英译中:REGULATION (EC) No 1924/2006 内容节选: REGULATION (EC) No 1924/2006 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 December 2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods 欧洲议会跟 理事会条例(EC)No 1924/2006 2006年12月20日 对于食品营养跟 安康声称 THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION,按照法定程序、条件跟 要求,总字数达三千多万字, ,有必要就食品营养跟 安康声称使用采纳欧共体规则。

should be safe and adequately labelled. A varied and balanced diet is a prerequisite for good health and single products have a relative importance in the context of the total diet. (1)在欧共体市场上,取该项目的最小限量值, (3) General labelling provisions are contained in Directive 2000/13/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 March 2000 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the labelling,依据《中华人民共跟 国食品保险法》, 参照《欧洲独特体条约》, 案例: 一、国家规范中译英:GB 4806.1-2016 食品保险国家规范 食品接触资料及制品通用保险要求 内容节选: 4 限量要求 4. Limit Requirements 4.1 一般要求 食品接触资料及制品的总迁移量, conditions and requirements. 更多胜利案例。

overall specific migration volume and residual volume, 4.2.2 The variety of materials used in composite material and articles, maximum level,指令2000/13/EC通常制止使用会误导消费者的信息或属于药物特性的信息,多样化平衡膳食是身体安康的必要条件,市场上发售的食品(包括入口食品)应是保险并存在适当标识的, these measures are formulated according to Food Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China. 第二条 在中华人民共跟 国境内保健食品的注册与备案及其监督治理适用本方式, 三、国内法规中译英:保健食品注册与备案治理方式 内容节选: 保健食品注册与备案治理方式 Administrative Measures for the Registration and Filing of Health Food 第一章 总 则 Chapter 1 General Provisions 第一条 为标准保健食品的注册与备案, (2) Differences between national provisions relating to such claims may impede the free movement of foods and create unequal conditions of competition. They thus have a direct impact on the functioning of the internal market. It is therefore necessary to adopt Community rules on the use of nutrition and health claims on foods. (2)有关此类声称的成员国规定之间差异可能会妨碍产品自由畅通流畅并造成不关于等竞争环境, 依据《条约》第251条规定的程序([2]),当无法盘算权重加跟 值时,。